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Integrating Standards at All Levels

Megan Krentz

The amusement industry benefits from the establishment, innovation and continuous improvement of ASTM International standards.

ASTM International standards have had a major impact on the amusement industry, improving its level of innovation and the quality of its products. ASTM standards ensure that all amusement rides and services are the safest they can be and manufactured to deliver the best experience to our thrill-seeking, adrenaline-hunting guests.

WhiteWater uses ASTM standards to ensure we exceed our clients' expectations and, in turn, help them provide a mind-blowing and safe day of adventure to their guests.

Improving Operations

ASTM standards have created consistency worldwide and leveled the playing field throughout the amusement and entertainment industry with the support of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. IAAPA has been a key player in ensuring ASTM standards are adopted by amusement manufacturers, suppliers and operators worldwide.

The work of ASTM Committee F24 on Amusement Rides and Devices streamlines WhiteWater's day-to-day operations by developing and maintaining standards we would otherwise have to manage with our own resources. WhiteWater uses the 19 robust standards developed by Committee F24 at all touchpoints of a design, allowing us to speak in a common language within WhiteWater and with our external clients all around the world.

The majority of WhiteWater's technical teams operate out of WhiteWater headquarters in Richmond, B.C., Canada, and have actively participated in the harmonization of Canadian regulations with F24 standards.

In developing its wet and dry attractions, WhiteWater regularly uses such ASTM standards as:

  • Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices (F2291),
  • Practice for Manufacture, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Aquatic Play Equipment (F2461),
  • Practice for Design of Amusement Rides and Devices that are Outside the Purview of Other F24 Design Standards (F1159), and
  • Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use (F1487, which was developed by ASTM Committee F15 on Consumer Products).


In being performance-based and not prescriptive, ASTM's amusement ride standards allow for innovation; their thorough parameters don't restrict creativity in the development of new attractions. WhiteWater's diversity of wet and dry play attractions pose unique design challenges; ASTM standards provide the flexibility we need to create new and exciting experiences for amusement park patrons while still adhering to safety standards.

Multiple WhiteWater leaders actively participate in the development of new standards for emerging attractions. Marshall Myrman, divisional president of the worldwide leading brand, FlowRider, chairs a task group that collaborates with multiple stakeholders on the development of standards for the manufacture, installation and operation of stationary surfing machines. Mark Weston, WhiteWater's senior creative design manager, leads the task group on aquatic play. As owners of the intellectual property for the original tipping bucket and as the worldwide leader in the design and construction of aquatic play, WhiteWater relies heavily on F2461 and we lead the effort in maintaining that standard. Franceen Gonzales, WhiteWater's executive vice president of business development, is deeply involved with the association as vice chair of the F24 committee and as a member of the ASTM board of directors.

Peace of Mind

Through our employees who are active on ASTM technical committees, WhiteWater is consistently providing feedback on ways to continually improve standards for amusement rides as well as our own products. ASTM is a trusted name around the globe and WhiteWater's use of ASTM standards is a source of comfort for our clients. When WhiteWater operates in countries abroad and communicates the thorough integration of ASTM standards within all design, management, development and construction processes, clients know they are receiving an exceptional quality product in which they can have confidence.

Company Snapshot

  • WhiteWater West Industries Ltd.
  • Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
  • Designer and manufacturer of waterslides, multi-level water play structures, wave-generating equipment, FlowRider stationary surfing machines, harnessed attractions, interactive play and water rides
  • Yearly revenue: CAD$150 million
  • Number of staff: 600+
  • Number of staff who are ASTM members: 10+
  • Trading area: Global

Megan Krentz is marketing communications coordinator at WhiteWater.

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