Standardization News

From its founding over 56 years ago, Nanmac’s mission has been to develop and design standard and custom thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors. We also supply all the materials for... read more
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The Bosphorus Straits bridge will connect the European and Asian continents near Istanbul, Turkey. The concrete has 50 percent slag for sustainability and also incorporates Chryso FluidOptima® 100... read more
ASTM Standards Essential to Structural Steel Tube Production If you are in the business of producing steel products, you cannot help but be involved with ASTM International standards. Virtually all... read more
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Standards Form the Foundation of a Testing Equipment Manufacturer's Business If you were walking around Q-Lab's headquarters or any of our global locations, it wouldn't take long to hear someone -... read more
Kimberly-Clark and the Power of Standardization Kimberly-Clark Corp. is a global manufacturer of personal care, professional care and medical products. These include consumer brands such as Kleenex... read more
It takes good science and advanced technologies to make rubber components that keep appliances, cars and industrial machinery working smoothly. Brian Palecek of Trostel Ltd. describes how ASTM... read more
The amusement industry benefits from the establishment, innovation and continuous improvement of ASTM International standards. ASTM International standards have had a major impact on the amusement... read more
Ameristar relies on ASTM standards as an integral part of its business model. For over 30 years, Ameristar has prided itself on manufacturing products of high quality and unmatched performance. ASTM... read more