Standardization News

 The Tintometer® Group has been a member of ASTM for many years. Early records suggest that Gerald Fawcett, grandson of our founder Joseph Lovibond, attended meetings as early as 1940.... read more
Standards Form the Foundation of Sterility Assurance The majority of healthcare products manufactured today are labeled as sterile and sold globally. The claim to sterility must be supported by... read more
Standards Form the Foundation of a Testing Equipment Manufacturer's Business If you were walking around Q-Lab's headquarters or any of our global locations, it wouldn't take long to hear someone -... read more
The Use of ASTM Standards for Equipment, Products and Worker Protection In the metals manufacturing industry, the temperature of molten iron can rise to 2900 F (1600 C). Workers have to be... read more
Tinius Olsen Testing Machine Company and ASTM were born in the same time and place.The expression that "necessity is the mother of invention" was never more true than when it comes to the births of... read more