Standardization News

When it comes to legal cannabis sales in the U.S. right now, regulations depend largely on where a person lives.That’s because, although the substance remains illegal at the federal level, a number... read more
The list of potential environmental risks facing commercial real estate property owners is long and full of potential pitfalls. How was the property used in the past? What sorts of contaminants might... read more
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently proposed a major overhaul to their 2010 climate disclosure rules. The overhaul will require all non-federal governments and businesses –... read more
Board ActionsThe board approved the following actions:The Minutes of the October 2021 board meeting.The consolidated financial statements and report of the independent accountants, and the annual... read more
Johann Weikhard von Valvasor was a post-Renaissance renaissance man who was born in the Duchy of Carniola (present-day Slovenia) in 1641. In lieu of a traditional university education, Valvasor... read more
For as long as humankind has sown seeds and tended crops, it has battled against weeds. These pesky plants spring up in small plots and large fields, robbing seedlings of necessary sunlight, water,... read more
From a functional standpoint, ethanol, beer, and whiskey are very different. One helps fuel vehicles, the other two help lubricate social interactions. But they share key similarities as well. All... read more
Few things capture the imagination more than outer space. From mythological observations of the heavens to the fantastic worlds of science fiction, the stars have long hovered in our minds as a site... read more
Several ASTM committees manage standards related to metal. Some deal with its medical applications, others the use of metal in sports equipment, and still others as it relates to the metals used in... read more
As ASTM International begins to resume in-person Committee Week meetings, it is worth mentioning that standards development is one of the most important enablers of consistency across multiple... read more