Standardization News

Trucks and some cars need it to get from point A to point B. Railcars and ships can’t move without it. And in many places, it helps keep the lights on. We’re talking, of course, about petroleum-... read more
Helping to ensure that consumers stay safe from the products they use every day might seem like a given. Yet, until the mid-twentieth century, consumer product safety standards were not commonplace.... read more
Glass is everywhere.“It’s in all our homes and commercial buildings; it’s in cars, electronics, and tableware. And it usually goes unnoticed unless something is wrong with it,” says Rick Wright,... read more
Amusement rides have evolved over time, from roller coasters, to waterslides, to bungee jumps, and more. But the reality of what’s fun has never really wavered: thrills, chills, and drops are fun for... read more
Almost everything comes in a package of some sort. Fresh fruits and vegetables are picked into containers ahead of sorting and packaging for sale at a farm market or distribution to food stores... read more
For over 10,000 years, humankind has employed copper in everything from tools to ornamentation. Archeological evidence indicates that ancient Egyptians mined and cast copper for agricultural... read more
It can be easy to take concrete for granted. This versatile building material is so familiar, such an ubiquitous presence in the built environment, that we sometimes stop paying attention.Of course,... read more
Many of us take concrete for granted. As the material that often makes up the very buildings around us, it is easy to go through a given day without giving this material — and the cement used to... read more
While the world may not have fully returned to normal in 2021, it was nonetheless a year of recovery and rebuilding. The real estate market boomed, infrastructure was in the headlines, and new,... read more
The 1970s were a transformational time in terms of U.S. environmental laws. Hazardous waste incidents such as Love Canal in New York had sparked a national outcry over the state of America’s lands... read more