Standardization News

The technology needs of standards development organizations (SDOs) are evolving at a rapid pace, and ASTM International is no different than other SDOs in this regard. Customer and member needs have... read more
A recent video from “The Guardian” compressed a month of extreme weather events in under four minutes: flooding in Europe, Asia, and the United States; tornados in Canada; landslides in India; deadly... read more
Cyberattacks, those headline-grabbing, electronic thefts of data and confidential information, are on the rise globally. In May 2021, cyberattacks paralyzed Ireland’s and New Zealand’s... read more
At first glance, A-UGVs (autonomous unmanned ground vehicles) may not seem to have much in common with other 21st century technologies like additive manufacturing (AM) and smart infrastructure. Look... read more
Ambulances and emergency medicine have been around for centuries – long before Ernest Hemingway drove one as a U.S. soldier in World War I. But it wasn’t until the 1960s that first-response medical... read more
We are pleased to announce the slate of candidates for board offices, selected by the ASTM International Nominating Committee. Terms will begin Jan. 1, 2022, for board chair (one-year term); board... read more
Former NASA astronaut and chair of the committee on commercial spaceflight (F47) Michael López-Alegría is preparing for his first spaceflight in more than 14 years.Nearly 600 men and women have... read more
ASTM International partners with organizations around the globe to further its mission of helping our world work better. From its collaboration with broad regional entities such as the Asia Pacific... read more
Play is children’s work, and playgrounds give kids a place where they can learn and develop skills, coordination, cooperation, imagination, and more. And in the ever-evolving marketplace,... read more
Additive manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, has been around for decades. Thought of primarily as a prototyping tool in its earlier days, this technology has exploded in recent years.... read more