Standardization News

Structural Sealant Glazing Proves Its WorthDecades of successful use, plus ASTM International standards from Committee C24 on Building Seals and Sealants, have given structural sealant glazing its... read more
Predicting the Durability of Building Construction Sealants Collaborative work housed at the National Institute of Standards and Technology is modeling sealant service life and enabling new ASTM... read more
2012 Chairman of the ASTM International Board of Directors Managing a global product line of silicone sealants at Dow Corning, Kenneth F. Yarosh works regularly with cutting edge products and the... read more
Board Engages Stakeholders and Promotes Greater Awareness On Oct. 23-26, 2011, the ASTM International board of directors gathered in New York, N.Y., for the second of its semi-annual meetings of the... read more
Baseball helmets. Eye and face protection for factory workers. Gear for police officers and firefighters.The Safety Equipment Institute works with testing labs and quality auditors to certify... read more
As many standards developers know, it's difficult enough to reliably measure the mechanical performance of objects and to use the information to create standards for evaluating that performance.But... read more
Leaner, greener, faster, more intelligent, more data-driven, more automated, more cost effective...Many terms describe smart manufacturing, and this list could be longer. Smart processes can produce... read more