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According to the International Energy Agency’s Global Electric Vehicle Outlook, 1.3 billion passenger vehicles drove the world’s roads in 2018. Of these, 5.2 million (just below 0.5%) were... read more
Humanity’s concerns over the negative effects of air pollution have existed for centuries. In A.D. 61, the Roman statesman Seneca wrote about “the clouds of ashes and all the poisonous fumes” that... read more
Around the same time that Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Louisiana, in August 2005, Dustin Poppendieck, Ph.D., had just started teaching freshman environmental engineering majors at... read more
“We’re here for the patients we serve. We’re here to make health care better.”That’s how Walter Schmidt, senior manager of the modeling and simulation team at Stryker Orthopaedics, puts medical... read more
Following World War II, the economies of the developed world were ready to build.In the United States, the post-war economic boom led to a massive expansion of the middle class, which in turn led to... read more
Andy Kireta does a lot of running, both figuratively and literally. As vice president, market development, for the Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA), Kireta helps run the not-for-profit trade... read more
It’s all around you, but in many cases, you may not be aware of its presence. The coins jingling in your pocket may contain it, and it’s part of the circuit board in your cellphone. You’ll find it in... read more
The world of standards closely parallels the world of high-tech innovation. When technologies such as exoskeletons, additive manufacturing, and air taxis trend on social media and make news headlines... read more
The pharmaceutical industry encompasses every aspect of medications and drugs, meaning businesses in this industry develop, optimize, produce, and market medications for a wide range of medical... read more
Board ActionsThe board approved the following actions:The appointment of Oliver Delery as chair of the 2020 Finance and Audit Committee. Delery is vice president of government affairs with Forterra... read more