Standardization News

Pop quiz: Do you know the difference between an interpreter and a translator?It’s a foundational definition in the language industry, but the two can be easy to mix up. In short, an interpreter works... read more
ASTM International is an organization of inclusion — offering global access to fully transparent standards development, resulting in the highest technical excellence in standardization.That’s how... read more
Over the past 20 years, public opinion on cannabis has seen a slow but steady shift. Once considered a gateway to further drug use, cannabis is now lauded for its ability to help manage pain,... read more
The history of cannabis, especially over the last 60 years, is intertwined with social and cultural changes that have transformed many aspects of life around the world. And although in some quarters... read more
Over the last two decades, nanoscience has developed thousands of nanomaterials that promise to revolutionize many aspects of science and technology. From nanomedicines to quantum dots to... read more
Around the world, countries on every continent are slowly beginning to reopen, emerging from months of lockdowns and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has cost the world so much. In... read more
In many countries around the world, it’s almost that time of year again. Costume makers are unveiling their latest designs, hoping to capture the imagination of young customers. Parents may be... read more
When it comes to manufacturing, there are generally two approaches: the traditional method, in which materials such as steel and titanium are carved down and plastics are molded into finished... read more
Boeing’s 737 MAX has recently become synonymous with the effort to improve safety in the skies. Following two deadly and high-profile accidents involving the aircraft in 2018 and 2019, the 737 MAX... read more
Combination products, generally speaking, pair drugs with a delivery system to treat many and diverse medical conditions and illnesses. There are many different types of combination products, but the... read more