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Technical reports help make your information available. Longer than a journal paper, shorter than other publications, reports offer a peer-reviewed format to share work that may or may not otherwise... read more
Understanding the consensus process and best practices for standards development, including online tools, is important, and that’s the reason training is available. To get started, mark your calendar... read more
In today’s virtual environment, standards development continues through the dedication of members like you with the support of online tools such as Webex, Zoom, and more.... read more
What are our next steps?That’s a question every task group, subcommittee, or main committee asks at one time or another. It’s an integral part of strategic planning and moving standards and related... read more
The task group is the heart of standards development, and its leader — the task group lead, chair, or technical contact — drives the process.In this role, the lead organizes technical discussions,... read more
Did you know that ASTM offers both conference call lines and a virtual meeting platform through Webex for technical committee meetings? This information and these tips will help you decide which... read more
Motions — an essential part of the consensus process — support many aspects of technical committee business. Only members can make a motion regarding meeting business. Note that the Regulations... read more
Regs — Or, Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees (aka The Regs), provides a set of rules to ensure consensus standards development in accordance with rigorous democratic procedures. ... read more
The meeting event page and registration process will have:A consolidated search for meetings and symposia information and new event registration process for committee weeks and independent meetings.... read more
A collaboration area is your online forum for a specific standards activity. The collaboration area gives you and your task group a dedicated area for a specific standards project, whether a new... read more