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Motions — an essential part of the consensus process — support many aspects of technical committee business. Only members can make a motion regarding meeting business. Note that the Regulations... read more
Regs — Or, Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees (aka The Regs), provides a set of rules to ensure consensus standards development in accordance with rigorous democratic procedures. ... read more
The meeting event page and registration process will have:A consolidated search for meetings and symposia information and new event registration process for committee weeks and independent meetings.... read more
A collaboration area is your online forum for a specific standards activity. The collaboration area gives you and your task group a dedicated area for a specific standards project, whether a new... read more
Ballot: Could be task group (though always informal at this stage), sub, or main (all defined below) as a new or revised standard goes through the required voting process.Chair: Usually said along... read more
Need more information about a committee role or the standards process? If you have a specific question (or a few), contact your staff manager. To help increase your understanding of the standards... read more
As a committee member, your participation drives the standards development process. Your knowledge and experience help to create useful standards of the highest technical quality. And your... read more
2019 is a year for electing committee officers: chairman, vice chairman/chairmen, membership secretary, and recording secretary. Subcommittee officers are not part of this election process as... read more
You can vote. And you should.As an ASTM International member you are entitled — as stated in the Regulations Governing ASTM Technical Committees — to vote on all main and subcommittee ballots where... read more
Fairness. Productivity. Efficiency. These are universal goals for meeting outcomes in offices and conference rooms around the world.One tried-and-true tool to ensure fairness, productivity, and... read more