Standardization News

Techniques and Applications A discussion of spectroscopic techniques - both theoretical and practical - used in oil industry laboratories can be found in a new ASTM International publication,... read more
Their Sampling, Analysis and Evaluation It's all about oil. Crude oil. Oil is critical to today's industrialized world; an important commodity, it's also volatile in price. Add the critical need... read more
Two ASTM Publications Address Alloy Heating and Cooling Quenching, the practice of heating and cooling metals under controlled conditions, requires an understanding of both the process and the... read more
Which Tests to Use and Why The ASTM Dudley Medal-winning Manual 1, Significance of Tests for Petroleum Products, now in its 8th edition, encapsulates "what tests we do and why we do them," according... read more
Two ASTM Manuals Expand on D05 Standards Train cars heaped high with coal regularly click by ASTM International headquarters on their way to plants that will, in turn, provide energy to power lights... read more
ISOCORRAG Collects and Discusses Data from a Global Corrosion Program What effects do wind and water, sulfur and salt, have on metals? That's a multimillion dollar question for engineers and... read more
A Single ASTM Manual Provides Guidance for Moisture ControlThe bottom line on moisture in buildings: control it - don't eliminate it - and the structure should last longer and need fewer repairs.... read more
ASTM Standards, Government Regulations and More Combine in One Great ToolCombine standards and government regulations, add automatic updates, mix in the ability to collaborate with colleagues and... read more
Manual 70 on Soil Compaction Quality control of soil compaction is the subject of a new manual that brings together extensive experience in a wide variety of earth work projects, from foundation to... read more
A Standard and a Manual about Fracture Toughnessby Cicely EnrightThe master curve concept - and the standard that details the procedure - characterizes the ductile to brittle fracture toughness of... read more