Standardization News

Not until terms and concepts have been clearly defined can one hope to make any progress in examining the question clearly and simply and expect the reader to share one’s views.—Carl von... read more
Setting the Record Straight Recently there has been discussion both in U.S. Department of Defense circles and in industry about the reinstatement of Military Specifications and standards that were... read more
OECD Provides a New Tool for GovernmentsThe World Trade Organization Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade instructs regulators to use relevant international standards in technical regulations... read more
A Historical Perspective Just like musical notation, standards and standardization comprise an international language. Standards are like individual notes, while the standardization system provides... read more
One Standards Developing Organization's Perspective The SES annual conference is the perfect place to talk about something that has been bothering me for some time. You are a highly respected group... read more
A Broad Partnership Leads to the International Green Construction CodeThrough a widely collaborative effort, the International Code Council and cooperating sponsors, including ASTM International,... read more
Some "Alternative" Uses for ASTM International StandardsWith standards in use in almost every nation on earth, there can be no doubt as to their importance for global trade and consumer safety. But... read more
Responding to the Need for a Reliable Patient Identity Solution When visiting a physician's office, many of us are asked to review or complete a registration form; that may happen every time we go in... read more
Standards Flying in Close Formation An Aircraft Electronics Association executive provides background on how the use of voluntary consensus standards represents an evolutionary change in the... read more
Standards as Strategic Business Tools At the August annual conference of SES - The Society for Standards Professionals, James Pauley, senior vice president of external affairs and government... read more