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I started writing Plain Talk in February of 1999 and have covered many exciting and complex topics over the years. But as I prepare to retire at the end of January next year, this is my most... read more
The World Trade Organization's Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement was crafted 20 years ago. It aims to provide guidance to governments to ensure that technical regulations, standards, and... read more
ASTM Board Appoints President's SuccessorAs I close out this year of serving as chairman of ASTM International's board of directors, it is a pleasure to think back on what a productive, successful... read more
The partnership between the U.S. federal government and standards organizations is long-standing and successful. James A. Thomas considers the history and current status. From the beginning, the U.S... read more
ASTM is diverse and open - on a grand scale. James A. Thomas reflects on how the organization has evolved while remaining true to removing barriers to participation. Every era has its own language.... read more
Why a Fishbowl is a Good Thing They say knowledge is power. And the marketplace power that comes from knowing what work is under way in a standards developing organization can be obtained only if... read more
Our new purpose statement reflects who we are today. James A. Thomas considers an evolving ASTM and its new brand. Before you turned to this page, you probably noticed something different about this... read more
OMB's Circular A-119 One event transformed the U.S. standards system into one unlike any other in the world. It occurred on Oct. 26, 1982, when the Office of Management and Budget issued Circular A-... read more
International ASTM membership is increasing, as is the use of ASTM standards in technical regulations.For over a century, this standards organization has done one thing consistently. It has... read more
ASTM Creates Smart Manufacturing Advisory Committee. This issue of SN is devoted to smart manufacturing, a term that has come to describe highly automated, computer-driven production systems. It is a... read more