Standardization News

Classifications, Practices and Guides

Over the course of the Rules&Regs column, we have discussed in detail three different types of ASTM International standards - test method,... read more

The Return of Part G

 Rules & Regs columns from September/October 2010 and July/August 2012 each tackled various sections of Part G, Standards Style Manual, of the Form and Style for... read more

Revisiting Part G of ASTM Form and Style

Way back in the September/October 2010 issue of SN, a Rules&Regs column was devoted to subsections of Part G of Form and Style for ASTM... read more

Important Statements for Important Standards

According to F2.2.1 of Form and Style for ASTM Standards, "Every fire standard shall state its purpose, specify the known limitations... read more

The Rules That Run an ASTM Committee

While ASTM International committees are bound to conform to the society's bylaws, each committee is allowed to and has developed its own bylaws.... read more

Form and Style Describes Use of the Modified Decimal Numbering System

Properly organizing the sections of your standard is a crucial part of the standards development process. While the... read more


Regulations Provide Guidance

Understanding the Regulations Governing ASTM... read more

Both new and longtime ASTM International members have questions about voting status and classification. Here is a review of sections 6-8 of the Regulations Governing ASTM Technical... read more

Form and Style Provides Guidelines for Illustrations in Standards

Figures can be used very effectively to enhance the value of an ASTM International standard. Photographs can provide... read more

A Look at Non-Mandatory Sections in ASTM Test Methods

The Rules&Regs column in the March/April issue of SN was titled "You Must Do This!" and we meant it. The column was a discussion... read more