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The 1990s were not a good decade for candle safety.Coffee shop culture was in style thanks to popular TV shows like “Friends,” and scented candles became a staple in dorm rooms and apartments around... read more
Not every middle schooler has a 3D printer at home, and not every middle school student has more than a passing interest in such an advanced home gadget. But Caitlin Gorin does.And for the now-16-... read more
Standards support the safety and well-being of equestrians, and ASTM International’s committee on sports equipment, playing surfaces, and facilities (F08) is dedicated to developing them. The... read more
When you put gas in your car, there can be problems if you choose the wrong product. In the field of aviation, the consequences of such a mistake are far more severe. To help avoid such... read more
Since 1969, ASTM International’s committee on nuclear fuel cycle (C26) has led the way in developing globally relevant standards for crucial aspects of the nuclear industry. “For the commercial... read more
 Above: Inspired by an iconic Seinfeld cast photo, the cast of ASTM International’s Communications Department nails it… almost. From left: Associate Editor Cicely Enright, Digital Engagement... read more
Every day, millions of people exercise in gyms where advanced equipment helps them reach their fitness goals.Usually, gym patrons handle fitness equipment with ease. But for people with... read more
Thousands of ASTM International members will soon flock to Washington, D.C., over three committee weeks in October, November, and December to do what they do best: use their technical expertise to... read more
If the subject is stucco, ASTM International’s committee on gypsum and related building materials and systems (C11) is on it.Since 2013, C11’s stucco work group, or SWG, has been working hard to... read more
When you’re walking on the beach, canoeing on a river, or fishing in a nearby pond, you’re enjoying the moment (hopefully, anyway) and the surroundings. You may be talking with someone or thinking... read more