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In 2004, a group of 15 women gathered at the home of Helen Davis Delaney in Maryland. Delaney had worked for ASTM International for over 20 years at that point as an employee and consultant, and had... read more
The basic elements behind hydraulic fracturing have been around for decades, but recent technological advances have led to an enormous growth in fracking operations over the last 15 years. Public... read more
Police officers and other emergency workers sometimes encounter situations in which their breathing can be compromised. In these moments, responders depend on a self-contained breathing apparatus,... read more
(Photo above: Herb Nordmeyer (left) with some of his students at the American University of the Caribbean in Haiti.)Longtime ASTM International member Herb Nordmeyer never planned to go to Haiti.By... read more
Corrosion, the gradual destruction of materials by chemical reactions with the environment, is the archenemy of infrastructure. The deterioration of roads, bridges, traffic signals, etc., can result... read more
 As one of Terracon’s largest ever geotechnical transportation projects, the Kentucky Lake Bridge project is a showcase of Ron Ebelhar’s experience and a career highlight. Factoring in the... read more
Going back to the ancient days of the cubit, metrology — the science of measurement— has been at the foundation of industry, technology, commerce, and so much more. Measurement serves diverse needs,... read more
Sometimes consolidation is the best path toward consensus. Take the case of two ASTM committees: aromatic hydrocarbons and related chemicals (D16) and industrial and specialty chemicals (E15). Back... read more
When wintertime arrives in your part of the world, the chance that you’ll slip and fall on icy or slushy surfaces naturally increases. Fortunately, scientists are looking for ways to make such... read more
The Boy Scout Law states that a scout display 12 attributes, beginning with “trustworthy” and “loyal” and ending with “clean” and “reverent.” “Inventive” is not among the attributes of the Boy Scout... read more