Standardization News

One ASTM Member's Personal Standard for Fitness It has taken 28 years, but ASTM International member Dick Reaves is within a few hundred miles of running around the world. Reaves began running in... read more
ASTM International Senior Vice President Kenneth Pearson Retires Kenneth Pearson has kept smiling all through his ASTM career. A perfectionist who always strives for excellence. A straight shooter... read more
New Subcommittee D15.22 Paves the Way for Innovation Water-based coolant (right) has begun to boil away, while waterless coolant has not begun to boil. An effective engine cooling system is... read more
ASTM Standards Across a Spectrum of Committees Respond to Disaster Natural disasters present enormous challenges to those attempting to minimize potential damage from future events, as well as to... read more
ASTM Committees and Mountain Biking Teams Being on an ASTM committee is a lot like mountain biking. Just ask Rich Szecsy, who ought to know. An ASTM member since 1998, Szecsy (pronounced say-chee... read more
ASTM D20 Member Rubin Kravitz Added to Syracuse University Plastics Tribute Longtime ASTM International member Rubin Kravitz, Pharm.D., is currently president and CEO of Cadet Laboratories. This is... read more
Report by Former ASTM Editor Highlights Roots of ASTM in the Pennsylvania Railroad Samuel Etris' report on the Pennsylvania Railroad Test Department will be available through the National... read more
ASTM International Committee E52 on Forensic Psychophysiology Leads the Way on Standards for PolygraphyFor more than a decade, ASTM International Committee E52 on Forensic Psychophysiology has been... read more
The Early Life of ASTM International Founder Charles B. DudleyASTM International is a forward-thinking organization, but it can be both interesting and instructional to take a look at its past on... read more
New Book Highlights the Professional Results of a Five-Decade Friendship The Concrete Intrigue is just what it claims to be - "a learning and reference book." But it is also the culmination of a... read more