Standardization News

Rope rescue uses various types of ropes and other specialized equipment to reach victims and rescue them safely from either urban or wilderness environments. While a basic level ASTM standard for... read more
ASTM International Committee D13 on Textiles is currently at work on a proposed new guide that will cover petite and tall heights for the missy measurement standard, since the missy standard is based... read more
A new ASTM International standard will provide a method for testing corrosion-resistant fasteners and their performance in contact with treated wood. G198, Test Method for Determining the Relative... read more
A new ASTM International standard will answer industry's need for guidance in determining fatigue properties of open-hole composite laminates. D7615/D7615M, Practice for Open-Hole Fatigue Response... read more
Rheologists are encouraged to join in the development of a proposed new practice that will help standardize the calibration of rotational rheometers to ensure that end users are able to obtain... read more
A new ASTM International standard covers a special grade of industrial woven wire cloth called filter cloth for general filtration, including the separation of solids from fluids. E2814, Guide for... read more
A proposed new ASTM International standard will enable users to determine whether or not a real estate site has a methane hazard that needs to be mitigated. WK32621, Practice for Evaluating Potential... read more
Piston ring/liner interface can contribute as much as half the total friction loss in internal combustion engines, with the resulting wear leading to reduced energy efficiency and raised emissions. A... read more
The viscosity of paints, inks and many related liquid materials varies considerably with temperature. In some cases viscosity can decrease by 10 percent with every 1°C increase in temperature. A... read more
A new ASTM International standard, adopted from an American Concrete Institute test method, will be used to help ensure the safety of construction projects. ASTM C1741, Test Method for Bleed... read more