Standardization News

ASTM International’s commercial spaceflight committee (F47) invites all interested parties to participate in the development of a proposed guide for the standardization and classification of... read more
ASTM International’s snow and water sports committee (F27) is developing a standard to establish new minimum performance requirements for the release mechanisms of alpine and... read more
A new ASTM International standard presents a set of criteria that can be used to evaluate laminated glass products for durability against radiation and weathering. ASTM’s glass and glass products... read more
ASTM International’s additive manufacturing technologies committee (F42) is developing a proposed standard that will help with data registration in additive manufacturing processes. “Industrial... read more
A proposed ASTM International standard will help to accelerate the pace of safe and ergonomic designs of exoskeleton/exosuit technology. ASTM’s committee on exoskeletons and exosuits (F48) is... read more
A new ASTM International standard for flame mitigation devices on disposable fuel containers will help ensure that such containers are equipped ... read more
A new ASTM International standard will help ensure the safety of connected consumer products, including the Internet of Things: physical objects embedded with sensors, software and other technologies... read more
ASTM International’s committee on leather (D31) is developing a proposed standard that will help to assess the effect of various soling agents on leather. The primary aim of the proposed... read more
A new standard developed by ASTM International’s dimension stone committee (C18) provides the first quantitative field test for determining the shear bond strength of stone tile. According to... read more
ASTM International’s amusement rides and devices committee (F24) is developing a standard to establish new inspection and maintenance requirements for steam propelled locomotives... read more