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ASTM Announces Personnel Certification Program for Aviation and Aerospace Technicians

ASTM Launches Partnership with National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies

The National Center for Aerospace and Transportation Technologies will become part of ASTM International and continue to provide nonregulatory, industry-recognized personnel certifications for aviation and aerospace technicians.

NCATT began as a National Science Foundation Advanced Technical Education grant initially awarded in 1999. Since that time, NCATT has worked with industry leaders in aerospace and aviation to establish an infrastructure and define processes to continue NCATT's work in the field of aircraft electronics (avionics) as well as to respond to the need for additional knowledge and skills standards and certifications in the aviation and aerospace industries.

"This is a great opportunity for NCATT and for the aviation industry. NCATT has proven itself as an innovator and valuable resource and this influence and impact will continue to grow now that they are part of an organization with such a rich history as ASTM International," commented Tim Steinhauser, director of customer relations, Gulfstream.

ASTM International has developed standards for aircraft safety, performance and quality and has had an ongoing partnership with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, which has led to outstanding successes in aviation standards initiatives to promulgate standards references for FAA regulatory programs. With the addition of NCATT's certification programs, ASTM will continue to build on its strategy of providing programs and services for the aviation and aerospace industries.

"Developing standards and certifications is a unique endeavor that requires a diverse skill set and understanding that ASTM is able to provide," says Lee Brewster, president/executive director of NCATT. "Future growth of the NCATT brand is also addressed as NCATT will be able to expand beyond the current certification offerings and build upon ASTM's existing relationship with the FAA."

Mike Adamson, vice president of member programs and education for the Aircraft Electronics Association, recognizes the importance of this partnership and impact as well, stating, "It is increasingly more important for aircraft technician knowledge and skill standards to evolve in step with the rapid technological advancements we are seeing in our industry. NCATT and ASTM's partnership ensures an industry-led continuous improvement process that will benefit all current NCATT certified technicians while expansion into new aviation disciplines will offer professional growth opportunities and further excite those who are considering entry in the field."

NCATT currently offers seven personnel certification programs and has issued more than 1,200 certifications and endorsements. ASTM International will expand these programs globally and provide more opportunities to thousands of subject matter experts and technicians across the aviation industry.

For more information about ASTM's Personnel Certification Programs, contact Timothy Brooke, ASTM International (phone: 610-832-9729).

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