Standardization News

Technical reports help make your information available. Longer than a journal paper, shorter than other publications, reports offer a peer-reviewed format to share work that may or may not otherwise call for full-consensus standards. Think of it... more
Learn how to attract the next generation of standards developers to your technical committee's work through these success stories. An oft-quoted maxim says that if you give someone a fish you may feed them for a day, but if you teach them how to... more
A Report on the 2014 ICES Conference In forming the group that would become the International Cooperation for Education about Standardization, or ICES, John Hill, standards manager at Sun Microsystems, said, "Companies as well as standards bodies... more
New Website Debuts, Hosted by Northwestern University Sandards are boring and should just be left to standards developers. At least that is what many clearly think. Despite the best efforts of ASTM International and other standards organizations,... more
The Standards Coordination Office at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology invites applications for the 2016 Standards Services Curricula Development Cooperative Agreement Program. This program provides financial support for the... more
Polymers Properties Course Work Increases Understanding of ASTM Standards Many of the students at Kettering University in Flint, Mich., undertake cooperative work assignments in the manufacturing sector, where they encounter plastics product design... more
New ASTM Resource Provides Materials for Standards Education ASTM International has produced a new academic offering to help university professors provide information about technical standards as part of their engineering and business curricula.... more
Guidance and Opportunity In a 1999 article for SN, I posed a question about whether standards and codes in engineering higher education were "confounding constraints or helpful hindrances?"1 Well, a decade or so of educational and work experiences... more
Lessons Learned While Playing a Game Applicable in Real Life The National Institute of Standards and Technology's Standards Coordination Office offers training to government agencies on standards, conformity assessment and related topics. One such... more
Setting the Standard Washington Internships for Students of Engineering is a nine-week experiential public policy program designed for engineering students between their junior and senior years in college. Each year, up to 15 students are chosen in... more
Teaching the Value of Standards Through Senior Design Work My standards education began in 1990 when I became the chairman of an ASTM International task group. I was the group leader of R&D for a medical device manufacturer, recognized the need... more