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Accurate Use of Hand Micrometers

A new ASTM International standard that will help ensure the accurate use of micrometers in the measurement of a type of steel sheet has been developed and approved by ASTM International Committee A05 on Metallic-Coated Iron and Steel Products.

ASTM A1073/A1073M, Practice for Using Hand Micrometers to Measure the Thickness of Nonmetallic and Metallic-Coated Steel Sheet, is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee A05.07 on Methods of Testing.

"This standard is an easy-to-understand practice on how to use a micrometer," says Herbert Koch, quality manager, Harris Steel Co. and an A05 member. "Too often, one is issued a micrometer and expected to make proper measurements. While it is easy to pick up, many poor measurements are made prior to becoming proficient in using a micrometer."

Koch notes that while ASTM A1073/A1073M is targeted for use with the steel sheet industry, the task group that developed it plans to make the new standard relevant to other ASTM committees that have an interest in precision measurements.

"As a quality manager, I have a concern with inconsistent measuring," says Koch. "By unifying the method and removing micrometer types that incorrectly influence measurements, more consistent and repeatable results are made."

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CONTACT ASTM Committee A05 Next Meeting: Nov. 11-13, 2012, November Committee Week, Atlanta, Ga.

Technical Contact: Herbert W. Koch, Harris Steel Co., Chicago, Ill., Phone: 708-656-5500

ASTM Staff Contact: Kristy Straiton, Phone: 610-832-9640

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