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Beam Divergence and Alignment in Neutron Radiologic Beams

A recently approved ASTM International standard will be used by neutron imaging facilities, particularly those that are setting up neutron tomography imaging systems. The new standard, E2861, Test Method for Measurement of Beam Divergence and Alignment in Neutron Radiologic Beams, was developed by Subcommittee E07.05 on Radiology (Neutron) Method, part of ASTM International Committee E07 on Nondestructive Testing.

According to Joshua Vanderstelt, development officer, Nray Services Inc., and an E07 member, E2861 details the method for construction and use of a device that determines if an imaging plane is perpendicular to a beam line and what the divergence angle is at various positions.

"This standard will allow facilities to make corrections to their imaging systems if they are not properly aligned," says Vanderstelt. "With neutron tomography, this will allow near perfect alignment, improving the three-dimensional constructs produced, and measurement of divergence angles that could be corrected for mathematically."

Vanderstelt invites interested parties to join E07.05. "Currently, we are focused on the development of a standard for the use of image quality indicators for digital neutron imaging," says Vanderstelt. "We are also working on a proposed new standard, WK27319, for the measurement of boron-10 areal density in aluminum for the purpose of criticality control in spent nuclear fuel storage."

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