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Bow and Skew

Bow and skew is a method of creating patterns in fabric. While this technique is generally covered in ASTM International standard D3882, Test Method for Bow and Skew in Woven and Knitted Fabrics, a proposed new standard will focus on bow and skew methods that can be used to create patterned fabric for car seats.

The proposed new standard, WK31150, Test Method for Bow and Skew Over a Specified Distance Using a Measuring Tool, is being developed by Subcommittee D13.59 on Fabric Test Methods, General, part of ASTM International Committee D13 on Textiles.

"Original equipment manufacturers within the automotive industry have specific bow and skew requirements for seats with a pattern," says Daniel Fritz, manager, advanced product quality planning, FXI, and a member of D13. "D3882 is referenced but is best used for rolled goods and for measuring face goods over a full roll width using a straightedge. The proposed standard measures bow and skew over a shorter distance and uses a tool instead of a straightedge."

Fritz notes that WK31150 provides a new way of checking bow and skew on cut pieces and material that is not on an inspection perch. One optional design of the checking tool allows for a quick visual pass/fail method of inspection that will allow faster checks of material.

Once approved, the proposed standard will be used by manufacturers of patterned fabric, fabric/foam laminators, cut and sew facilities, seat assemblers and vehicle assembly plants. WK31150 will also be versatile enough to be used in other industries that use material that has bow and skew as a major characteristic.

The subcommitee welcomes participation in the development of WK31150 and for a future interlaboratory study.

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