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Buried Pipe Coatings for Nuclear Power Plants

Buried pipe exhibiting damaged coating and pitting corrosion.

The quality of coating materials for buried pipe at nuclear power plants has evolved over time, but there is currently no written standard that would allow plants to fully take advantage of advances in coating technology. A proposed new standard will provide coating guidance for plants seeking to repair or replace buried pipe.

The proposed standard, WK36282, Guide for Selection of Coating for Repair and Rehabilitation of Buried Pipe Coatings for Nuclear Power Plants, is being developed by Subcommittee D33.02 on Service and Material Parameters, part of ASTM International Committee D33 on Protective Coating and Lining Work for Power Generation Facilities.

Jon Cavallo, vice president, UESI Nuclear Services, says the proposed standard will provide a method for identifying the existing coating system on a buried pipe and a guide for selecting a repair or rehabilitation coating system to be applied if needed.

"Many of the coatings on U.S. nuclear power plant buried piping were applied at least 30 years ago," says Cavallo, a former chairman of D33 and current chairman of D33.02. "Since that time, many improvements to and innovations in buried pipe coating technology have been made. The proposed standard will assist the user to identify viable options for repair and rehabilitation coatings."

Technical issues to be addressed in WK36282 include:

  • Function of buried pipe coatings in nuclear power plants;
  • Plant systems that may included buried pipe;
  • Generic types of field-applied buried pipe repair and refurbishment coatings;
  • In-situ factors that affect selection of field-applied buried pipe repair and replacement coatings; and
  • ASTM and other standards used to evaluate performance of field-applied buried pipe repair and refurbishment coatings.

All interested parties are encouraged to join D33 in its ongoing development of WK36282 and other proposed standards related to nuclear power plant coating and lining maintenance.

CONTACT Technical Information: Jon R. Cavallo, P.E., UESI Nuclear Services • Portsmouth, N.H. • Phone: 603-431-1919 | ASTM Staff: Joseph Hugo • Phone: 610-832-9740 | Upcoming Meeting: July 26-27 • EPRI Headquarters • Charlotte, N.C.

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