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Electrical Distribution Structures

A new ASTM International standard will help determine important attributes for polymer crossarms that are an integral part of electrical distribution structures.

The standard allows experts to establish design and strength criteria that can be used throughout the engineering community. The standard has been published as D8019, Test Methods for Determining the Full Section Flexural Modulus and Bending Strength of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Crossarms Assembled with Center Mount Brackets.

Manufacturers, engineers and those who work in standards departments in the electric power transmission and distribution industry will use the new standard to write specifications and for determining the strength and stiffness of pultruded crossarms.

ASTM's subcommittee on reinforced thermosetting plastics (D20.18) intends to develop more standards in this area. For example, the subcommittee is planning to develop standards for composite poles used in energy transmission. Standards and design engineers who work for power generation companies are particularly encouraged to get involved in this work.

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