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Energy Resource Piping Systems

A new ASTM International subcommittee has been created to ensure the development of appropriate ASTM standards for products related to energy source applications. The new group, Subcommittee F17.68 on Energy Piping Systems, is under the jurisdiction of ASTM International Committee F17 on Plastic Piping Systems.

Energy resource sites often contain pipelines used to transport potentially hazardous liquids and gases through remote and environmentally sensitive places. These areas can be located near wilderness that needs to be preserved or land that could be subject to future development and habitation. In either case, long-term pipeline safety and integrity are important considerations.

William Adams, senior engineer, WL Plastics Corp., and chairman of F17.68, notes that Subcommittees F17.11 on Composite and F17.60 on Gas have developed several plastic and composite plastic specifications for energy resource applications such as oil and gas production. However, a need emerged for a subcommittee that would develop standards for application needs, independent of product construction, for energy resource piping systems that precede distribution to the end user.

"The intent of this subcommittee is to assemble members with interest and expertise that help assure ASTM standards for products and other matters related to energy resource applications are developed with a full appreciation for the application and the sites where these standards will be applied," says Adams. The newly formed subcommittee will discuss topics for proposed standards at their first meeting as part of Committee F17 at the April ASTM committee week in Indianapolis, Ind. All interested parties are welcome to join the subcommittee, including:

  • Energy resource developers;
  • National, state, provincial and local regulators;
  • Manufacturers and equipment suppliers;
  • Parties that develop, install and maintain energy resource facilities and properties; and
  • Researchers.

CONTACT Technical Information: William I. Adams, WL Plastics Corp. • Fort Worth, Texas • Phone: 307-277-1772 | ASTM Staff: Robert Morgan • Phone: 610-832-9732 | Upcoming Meeting: April 15-17 • April Committee Week • Indianapolis, Ind.

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