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Erosion Control

Hydraulic erosion control products are a newer type of product that can be sprayed on the ground as mulch to protect against erosion and help establish vegetation. A new ASTM International standard is the first step toward quantifying physical properties of HECPs in a laboratory.

The new standard (D7986, Practice for Preparing Specimens of Hydraulic Erosion Control Products for Index Property Testing) will help determine the critical properties of HECPs that can be used to ensure that construction sites are using quality products.

Manufacturers will use the new standard to create laboratory samples for determining important physical properties of HECPs. These properties would then be incorporated into HECPs developed for use in the field.

The ASTM subcommittee (D18.25 on Erosion and Sediment Control Technology) that created D7986 welcomes all interested parties to join in their many standards development activities. ASTM member Michael D. Robeson, Ph.D., particularly encourages representatives from government agencies to join in D18.25's work.

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