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Successfully managing a fleet of any kind of vehicle ­- whether they are cars, trucks, boats, airplanes or others - requires that fleet managers possess a wide range of knowledge. This is particularly true when the public comes into daily contact with such vehicles, either on roadways or while obtaining service from a company employing the vehicles.

A new ASTM International standard, E2962, Practice for Fleet Management, has emerged from a need for education, training and certification programs addressing fleet assets.

"E2962 seeks to provide a broad structure of practices and concepts that a fleet management program should consider," says Robert Holcombe, an ASTM member and director, personal property management policy, U.S. General Services Administration. Holcombe notes that many of the practices to be outlined in E2962 may eventually be addressed in more detail in subsequent standards. At the same time, E2962 will be detailed enough to provide the basis for fleet management training and certification programs.

"There are unique opportunities and challenges in managing fleet assets," says Holcombe. "For example, managing a fleet of similar assets can reduce the breadth of repair parts and maintenance skills needed to keep the assets mobile, compared to managing a fleet of widely dissimilar assets. Likewise, many entities are faced with determining the most efficient level and type of mobile assets to achieve its business objectives."

Holcombe says that E2962 will most benefit newer asset managers or entities that are just beginning to consider how to manage mobile assets. E2962 was developed by Subcommittee E53.08 on Management of Fleet Assets, part of ASTM International Committee E53 on Asset Management.

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