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Forensic Science Standard Supports Lab Training

A new ASTM International standard could help forensic science labs create programs to train their teams, ultimately helping with activities such as collecting and analyzing evidence.

The standard – a practice designated E2917 – provides a basic framework for training, continuing education, and professional development of forensic science practitioners. The practice aims to serve as a foundation for designing and establishing programs that help these professionals achieve and maintain competency in various disciplines.

“This is the first overarching standard for training, education, and professional development for forensic science practitioners,” said ASTM International member Karen Reczek, program manager at the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology. “This training standard will pave the way for discipline-specific standards in the area of crime scene investigation and various trace analysis disciplines, such as fire debris and gunshot residue.”

ASTM International’s forensic sciences committee (E30) created the standard.

The group encourages participation from those in the legal community, statistics, measurement science, and manufacturing kits and consumables used in forensics. Become a member at

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