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Gasoline Specification Incorporates 15% Ethanol Blend

A revision to the most widely used fuel specification in the world incorporates the new ethanol blend of up to 15%. The revision is aimed at improving driveability and performance for consumers filling up with gas at the pump.

This important revision (D4814-16b) builds on a standard that is used by businesses, governments, consumers, and others in many countries, according to members of ASTM International's Committee on Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants (D02).

The standard reflects changes in the marketplace while helping meet consumer expectations. Additional revisions to the standard are in the pipeline.

Prior to the revision, the Coordinating Research Council, a nonprofit organization that guides studies on the interaction between vehicles and petroleum products, conducted driveability tests to help ensure good customer performance.

Subcommittee D02.A, focused on gasoline and oxygenated fuels, welcomes those who have interest in the twelve ASTM standards they maintain.

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