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Hand Sanitizers

A new standard developed specifically for evaluating hand sanitizers has now been approved by ASTM International Committee E35 on Pesticides and Alternative Control Agents.

The new standard, E2755, Test Method for Determining the Bacteria-Eliminating Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizer Formulations Using Hands of Adults, was developed by a task group within Subcommittee E35.15 on Antimicrobial Agents.

David Macinga, microbiology principal scientist, GOJO Industries Inc., and an E35 member, says that E2755 will be used to evaluate the antibacterial activity of hand sanitizers on the hands of human subjects. Until recently, hand sanitizers have been evaluated using ASTM standard E1174, Test Method for Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Healthcare Personnel Handwash Formulations.

"The test method is useful in that it more accurately reflects the typical use pattern for hand sanitizers and is simpler to perform than E1174," says Macinga. "It also produces results that are more reflective of the real world efficacy of these products."

Macinga says that E2755 will be used by companies developing and/or marketing hand sanitizers as well as academic and clinical researchers interested in topical antiseptics.

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