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High Strength Stainless Steel Bolting

Bolting used in the oil and gas industries for offshore drilling platforms, sour gas service, in expanders and compressors in pipeline service, in power generation facilities and in heat exchanger and cryogenic applications is now covered by a new ASTM International standard.

A1082/A1082M, Specification for High Strength Precipitation Hardening and Duplex Stainless Steel Bolting for Special Purpose Applications, was developed by Subcommittee A01.22 on Steel Forgings and Wrought Fittings for Piping Applications and Bolting Materials for Piping and Special Purpose Applications, which is part of ASTM International Committee A01 on Steel, Stainless Steel and Related Alloys.

"The new specification covers bolting for high temperature, low temperature, high pressure and special applications," says Lester Burgess, director of technical services and quality, TSP/U.S. Bolt Manufacturing, and an A01 member. "Bolting made of this type of material has unique performance properties that are useful in such applications, and material types covered by A1082/A1082M are seeing increased use for bolting."

Burgess notes that having a specification that directly covers this bolting means that users, suppliers and testing bodies can reference a single specification rather than augment or modify an existing specification, write a separate specification or state numerous requirements on purchasing documents.

In addition to the general requirements detailed in the main body of the standard, the standard also includes a set of supplementary requirements that apply only when specified individually by a purchaser. These supplementary requirements include Charpy impact tests and nondestructive inspection.

Burgess welcomes those who use the new standard to contact A01.22 with any feedback they have about it.

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