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Non-Aqueous Liquid Paints

A new ASTM guide standardizes a useful, fast and easy technique for collecting infrared spectra of non-aqueous liquid paints right out of the can. The new standard, D7588, Guide for FT-IR Fingerprinting of a Non-Aqueous Liquid Paint as Supplied in the Manufacturer's Container, is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee D01.21 on Chemical Analysis of Paints and Paint Materials, which is part of ASTM International Committee D01 on Paint and Related Coatings, Materials and Applications.

"The most practical application of D7588 is its ability to be used to collect good quality reproducible spectra of liquid paint samples straight out of the can without the need for time-consuming separation of components," say John Kloepper and Steve Liebhart, laboratory department managers of Carboline Co., and members of ASTM Committees D01 and D33 on Protective Coating and Lining Work for Power Generation Facilities.

In addition, Liebhart notes, the new standard should be useful for:

  • Quality control;
  • Formula control;
  • Process control;
  • Failure analysis;
  • Chemical identification;
  • Compositional comparisons; and
  • Raw material comparisons.

Coating manufacturers and engineers, quality control personnel, transportation departments and testing and analytical laboratories will be among the users of D7588.

"D7588 will significantly decrease the amount of time, training and expertise required to consistently reproduce good quality infrared spectra between organizations, laboratories and individuals," says Liebhart.

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