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Overhead Electrical Conductors

The construction of an unprecedented number of overhead power lines around the world has increased the demand for accurate data and models for electrical conductors. A proposed new standard, WK35208, Test Methods for Stress-Strain and Creep Testing for Overhead Electrical Conductors, will answer this global need. WK35208 is being developed by Subcommittee B01.02 on Methods of Test and Sampling Procedure, part of ASTM International Committee B01 on Electrical Conductors.

According to Mark Lancaster, director, overhead transmission engineering, Southwire Company, and chairman of B01, WK35208 will provide clear guidelines for performing the test used to develop a model for electrical conductors used in overhead power lines and processing the data resulting from such tests.

"This model will then be used to determine the clearance for the power line to prevent the line coming into contact with people or other objects," says Lancaster, who notes that the proposed standard will be used by conductor manufacturers and test laboratories, once it has been approved. Utilities will specify that conductors meet the requirements in other ASTM standards, which in turn reference the tests outlined in this proposed standard.

All interested parties are invited to join in the standards developing activities of B01.

CONTACT Technical Information: Mark A. Lancaster, P.E., Southwire Company • Carrollton, Ga. • Phone: 770-832-5043 O ASTM Staff: Jennifer Rodgers • Phone: 610-832-9694 O Upcoming Meeting: April 18 • Phoenix, Ariz. • April Committee Week

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