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Participants Sought to Revise Standard on Lab Informatics

Anyone is invited to join efforts to update ASTM International’s well-known standard that helps labs optimize operations through IT applications. The committee on molecular spectroscopy and separation science (E13) is seeking participation from a wide segment of users, vendors, and other stakeholders to update the standard, known as the Standard Guide for Laboratory Informatics (E1578).

Informatics tools are used to collect, store, process, analyze, report, and archive data from labs. Examples of lab informatics include:
•    Lab information management systems (LIMS);
•    Electronic lab notebooks (ELNs);
•    Chromatography data systems (CDS); and,
•    Scientific data management systems (SDMS).

According to ASTM International member James B. Powers, Jr., of Bridge Associates International LLC, the use of lab informatics, the adoption of lean lab principles, and the importance of data integrity have continued to evolve. The upcoming revision(s) to the standard will address the need to keep pace with these changes and innovations.

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