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ASTM International Committee D03 on Gaseous Fuels recently approved two new standards for the hydrogen fuel industry: D7650, Test Method for Sampling of Particulate Matter in High Pressure Hydrogen Used as a Gaseous Fuel with an In-Stream Filter, and D7651, Test Method for Gravimetric Measurement of Particulate Concentration of Hydrogen Fuel.

Subcommittee D03.14 on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells, part of Committee D03, developed both standards to address critical stakeholder needs for sampling and determination of particulate matter in hydrogen fuel used as a fuel cell feed gas.

"Specifications for the amount of particulate matter allowed in hydrogen fuel for fuel cell vehicles currently exist, however, standardized procedures for collecting and measuring particulate matter specifications did not exist," says Jacquelyn Button, project engineer, California Fuel Cell Partnership, and chair of D03.14.

"Regulatory bodies, analytical laboratories and other stakeholders will use D7651 to determine the amount of particulate matter in hydrogen fuel," says Button. "D7650 allows the user to collect particulates directly from the fueling nozzle, providing a representative sample of particulates that may be in the hydrogen fuel."

Button encourages participation in the round robin test efforts for D7650 and D7651 as well as for other sampling and analytical procedures that the subcommittee is developing. D03.14 is nearing completion of several other standards impacting the hydrogen fuel community, including those for gas sampling, volatile contaminant analysis and particulate compositional analysis.

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