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Polyvinyl Chloride-Backed Floor Coverings

A new ASTM International standard will provide a qualitative means to determine the potential effect of plasticizers contained within polyvinyl chloride floor covering materials on a specific adhesive.

D7888, Practice for Evaluating Adhesive and the Effects of Plasticizer Found Within Polyvinyl Chloride-Backed Floor Coverings, Subcommittee D14.10 on Working Properties, part of ASTM International Committee D14 on Adhesives.

"‘Solid' and ‘luxury' vinyl flooring materials, which include PVC modular and broadloom carpet, have been the fastest growing segment of the flooring industry for years and continue to show strong growth," says Larry Press, director of flooring, Helmitin Adhesives Inc., and a member of D14. "D7888 will assist in providing the assurance that vinyl and PVC containing flooring materials can be installed as a green product without the worries of failure specific to plasticizer migration."

Press also notes that D7888 will also eventually be incorporated into a new floor covering adhesive standard that is currently in the planning stages.

"While the use of D7888 use as a standalone practice can provide useful information for the flooring or adhesive manufacturer, as well as for testing laboratories, once it is included the standard currently under development, the practice described in D7888 will be part of the minimum requirements for the various types of flooring and adhesive utilized," says Press.

All interested parties are invited to participate in the standards developing activities of D14.

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