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Protecting Kids from Gasoline Burns

The 2015 revision to an ASTM International standard that protects children from gasoline burns has been included in a final rule by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The ruling was noted in the Federal Register on March 31 and became effective on April 12. The standard (F2517, Specification for Determination of Child Resistance of Portable Fuel Containers for Consumer Use) was first approved in 2005 and was originally referenced in 2009 through the Children's Gasoline Burn Prevention Act.

ASTM member Phil Monckton is vice president, sales and marketing, Scepter Canada Inc. Monckton notes that the 2015 revision to the standard stipulates compliance for all accessories, spouts, closures and other components that can be sold and used on a portable fuel container.

"The manufacturers, and the rest of the committee, considered it important that a portable fuel container that is made and sold as a compliant product not be easily modified with an aftermarket accessory that would then make the product non-compliant," says Monckton.

Portable fuel containers are used every day to transport fuel from gas pumps to fuel tanks for outdoor power equipment. The standard is used by manufacturers when developing and certifying containers for sale and by regulatory bodies for enforcement. In addition, distributors and retailers refer to the standard to ensure that they are offering a legal and compliant product.

F2517 is maintained by Subcommittee F15.10 (Standards for Flammable Liquid Containers), part of ASTM's Committee F15 on Consumer Products. Looking forward, the subcommittee is investigating the potential use of flame mitigation devices on portable fuel containers. All interested parties are invited to join.

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