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Rescue Litters/Fixed Anchorages

Two new ASTM International standards on rescue litters and fixed anchorages will contribute to the safety and efficiency of search and rescue operations. Both standards were developed by Subcommittee F32.01 on Equipment, Testing and Maintenance, part of ASTM International Committee F32 on Search and Rescue.

basket type Rescue litters

Until the development of F2821, Test Methods for Basket Type Rescue Litters, there had not been a standardized means for manufacturers to test these rescue devices, according to John McKently, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and an F32 member.

"F2821 was developed because there was no standard available that allowed manufacturers to test litter products in the same way," says McKently. "Now, potential customers will have confidence in what they buy, based on a standardized score for the product in question. An additional advantage is the F2821 tests litters in the way that they will eventually be used."

fixed Anchorages

According to McKently, the impetus for the development of F2822, Specification for Fixed Anchorages Installed on Structures Used for Rope Rescue Training, was similar to that of F2821. In this case, the standard was developed to provide minimum strength requirements for anchorages permanently installed or attached to training towers or other structures used for rope rescue training.

"If the anchor meets the standard, it will have an adequate margin for safety," says McKently. "For builders and owners of structures such as high angle training facilities, there should be cost savings in that now there is a number to design and build to when installing this type of anchor."

All interested parties are invited to participate in the standards developing activities of F32.

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