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Resisting Adhesive Creep

Structural wood adhesives are an essential component of engineered products used in every type of wood construction. This includes single family homes, apartment buildings, churches, schools, bridges and docks.

A new ASTM standard on such adhesives has just been approved and will soon be available: D7966, Test Method for Resistance to Creep of Adhesives in Static Shear by Compression Loading (Wood-to-Wood).

"These adhesives enable wood product manufacturers to create products that are stronger than solid wood members and eliminate waste by allowing the entire tree to be used effectively," says D7966 task group leader Edwin Luckman, who recently retired from ASTM volunteer activity after 36 years of service.

Adhesives must resist creep under loads regardless of any circumstance the wood product might encounter during service life. D7966 will be used to test an adhesive's ability to resist this creep, ensuring that the product will perform as expected over its lifespan.

Primary users of D7966 will include structural adhesive manufacturers, third party testing laboratories, wood product producers and building code product certification and listing agencies. D7966 was developed by Subcommittee D14.30 on Wood Adhesives, part of ASTM Committee D14 on Adhesives. All interested parties are welcome to participate in the ongoing standards development activities of D14.30.

Now that D7966 has been published, the subcommittee will be working to establish correlation with the current methods used to measure creep: D3535, Test Method for Resistance to Creep Under Static Loading for Structural Wood Laminating Adhesives Used Under Exterior Exposure Conditions, and Canadian standard CSA O112.9, Evaluation of Adhesives for Structural Wood Products (Exterior Exposure).

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