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Slag Product Classification

A new standard developed by ASTM International’s road and paving materials committee (D04) provides guidance on both blast and steel furnace slag product classification.

ASTM defines iron and steel slags as the nonmetallic products of the manufacturing of iron and steel. They can be considered products based on the mineralogy of samples that are tested using this standard as a guide.

“The intent of the standard is to provide instruction as to the appropriate and typical mineralogy observed when iron and steel slag is produced during the manufacture of iron and steel,” says John Yzenas, President of J. Yzenas Consulting, LLC. “This standard aids users in determining if slag is a product and offers guidance as to which criteria and regulations they should then use.”

According to Yzenas, the new standard will be useful to manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and consumers in determining the appropriate characterization of iron and steel slags. 

The standard, published as D8021, includes information covering the mineral properties of blast furnace slag and steel slag when they are manufactured in conjunction with the production of iron, steel, or both.

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