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Smoother Surfaces

A new ASTM standard covers a test to ensure that highways and airfields are built with long-lasting, durable and smooth surfaces. Builders will use the standard (soon to be published as E3013, Test Method for Evaluating Concrete Pavement Dowel Bar Alignment Using Magnetic Pulse Induction) to accurately indicate the alignment of steel dowel bars in concrete pavement joints.

According to ASTM member Garry Aicken, technical manager, Kessler Soils Engineering Products Inc., dowel bars are installed in concrete pavement joints as a means of transferring vehicle loads from one concrete slab to the next. The technology in the standard is new to North America and is used to collect data that determines whether a dowel installation meets the project specifications. Highway and airfield owners and operators can use results generated from the test to accept or reject completed work.

"This technology was developed as a quality test that supports a lower cost concrete paving installation method, which stretches taxpayer dollars in the construction or reconstruction of highways without compromising quality," says Aicken.

Both the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration use the test described in E3013. In addition, many state Departments of Transportation use the test for quality assurance on new pavement projects as well as for forensic studies of failing pavements.

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