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Specifications for Vinyl Sheet Piling

ASTM International’s geosynthetics committee (D35) has approved a new standard that will help engineers, designers, and specifiers who work with vinyl sheet piling. Applications for such piling include the construction of seawalls, retaining walls, and chemical cut-off walls.   

“The new specification will standardize the materials used and it will allow producers to meet the United States Army Corp of Engineers’ requirements for vinyl sheet piling,” says ASTM International member Steve Hargrave. “It will standardize the maximum design stress, when stating the allowable moment.”

The new standard (soon to be published as D8427) covers material and testing requirements for polyvinyl chloride sheet piling.

“The new standard includes the use of recycled materials, which use less energy to produce,” says Hargrave, innovation and engineering director, CMI Limited. “The vinyl sheet piling is inert in the environment in use.”

Hargrave also notes that the standard can be used to mitigate environmental issues like water flow and contamination and that transportation energy is reduced when using materials covered in the standard.

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