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Stitches and Seams

A proposed new standard, WK30725, Terminology Relating to Industrial Textile Stitches and Seams, will complete a portfolio of terminology documents developed by Subcommittee D13.54 on Subassemblies.

Each of the terminology standards developed by D13.54 focuses on a specific group of items covered by the subcommittee, which is part of ASTM International Committee D13 on Textiles.

"D13.54 is responsible for standards that evaluate a disparate combination of products and components that are critical to the building of composite textile structures," says Vicky Taylor, senior research technologist, INVISTA (Canada) Co., and chairman of D13.54. "These structures can include the use of various subassemblies such as buttons, snaps, hook and loop touch fasteners, and slide fasteners (zippers)."

According to Taylor, D13.54 is responsible for standards that measure the seam strength of a textile structure after it is constructed. Therefore, it is important that the terminology identifying and explaining the mechanical action of stitching and the placement and positioning of fabric to create a seam be in a single standard.

Taylor notes that primary users of the standard will include, but not be limited to, government agencies, quality control organizations and testing laboratories throughout the world.Industry experts, manufacturers and D13 standards users are encouraged to join in the standards developing activities of D13.54.

"In D13.54, we are continually interested in both developing new standards and ensuring that the existing standards reflect the latest technology in the industries associated with the manufacture and testing of the various subassemblies under our jurisdiction," says Taylor.

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