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Stretch Wrap Films

All interested parties, particularly end users, resin manufacturers and film converters, are invited to participate in the revision of ASTM International standard D4649, Guide for Selection and Use of Stretch Wrap Films. The standard is being updated by Subcommittee D10.25 on Palletizing and Unitizing of Loads, part of ASTM International Committee D10 on Packaging.

D4649 covers recommended guidelines and test methods for the selection, specification and use of stretch wrap films for unitizing, reinforcing and palletizing in indoor environments. This includes storage or transport, or both, in warehouses, closed containers such as truck trailers or rail boxcars, and associated transfer terminals. User evaluation, selection, specification and application of stretch wrap materials are among the topics currently covered by D4649.

According to James Bisha, Ph.D., director of unit load technology, Ongweoweh Corp., the proposed revisions to D4649 include the addition of recently developed products such as stretch netting and stretch tape. Also to be incorporated into the standard are recent technological advances such as the process of stretch roping.

"Roping is where the film is rolled or forced into a thin band during application," says Bisha, a D10 member. "This causes the film to act more like strapping during transport."

Other proposed changes to the standard include refining the time increments for film evaluation, which currently stand at either 60 seconds or 24 hours after application and a complete update of the pull plate evaluation method."The current pull plate method calls for containment force to be defined as a single value taken at a single distance. The proposed update calls for multiple forces to be taken at multiple distance. This allows for the separation of applied film stiffness and applied containment force."

Bisha notes that the proposed revisions will raise the common knowledge bar of the stretch film industry.

CONTACT Technical Information: James V. Bisha, Ph.D, Ongweoweh Corp. • Cayuga Heights, N.Y. • Phone: 607-266-7070 | ASTM Staff: Diane Trinsey • Phone: 610-832-9661 | Upcoming Meeting: April 14-17 • April Committee Week • Indianapolis, Ind.

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