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Titanium Analysis by Spark-AES or Glow Discharge AES

Laboratories with the ability to analyze titanium and titanium alloys by spark-atomic emission spectrometry or glow discharge-AES are being sought to participate in an interlaboratory study for a proposed new standard.

WK25738, Test Method for Analysis of Titanium and Titanium Alloys by Spark-Atomic Emission/Glow Discharge-Atomic Emission Spectrometry, is currently being developed by Subcommittee E01.06 on Ti, Zr, W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Hf, Re, part of ASTM International Committee E01 on Analytical Chemistry for Metals, Ores and Related Materials.

"Currently, an ASTM standard does not exist for the analysis of titanium and titanium alloys by spark-atomic emission or glow discharge-atomic emission spectrometry," says Kevin VonScio, laboratory manager, Perryman Company, and a member of E01. "Methods do exist for the analysis of titanium and titanium alloys by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry and inductively coupled plasma spectrometry. WK25738 will expand the techniques covered by ASTM methods."

According to VonScio, spark emission/glow discharge analyzers are a cost savings over X-ray fluorescence analyzers while offering the same reliability and stability.

CONTACT Technical Information: Kevin VonScio, Perryman Company. • Houston, Pa. • Phone: 724-746-9390 • Email: O ASTM Staff: Thomas O'Toole • Phone: 610-832-9739 • Email: O Upcoming Meeting: May 15-18 • May Committee Week • Anaheim, Calif.

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