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Transmitted Impact Force on Personal Protective Clothing

Personal protective equipment manufacturers, material manufacturers and end users with an interest in impact resistance are encouraged to contribute to the development of a proposed new standard on measuring transmitted impact force on protective clothing.

The proposed standard, ASTM WK38096, Test Method for Measuring Transmitted Impact Force Through Materials Used in Protective Clothing, is currently being developed by Subcommittee F23.20 on Physical, part of ASTM International Committee F23 on Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment,

"Workers in the oil and mining industries often have a work process that exposes their hands to multiple hazards throughout their shift," says Angela Fisher, manager, product development, Wells Lamont Industrial, and an F23 member. "The increase in hand injuries within these industries has led to the development of gloves designed to protect against multiple hazards including transmitted impact force."

The proposed standard will measure the amount of energy being absorbed by a protective accessory or garment when compared to no protection at all. In addition, once approved, ASTM WK38096 will verify the quality and performance of protective clothing in regard to transmitted impact force.

Fisher invites all interested parties to participate in the ongoing development of ASTM WK38096. She also notes that the subcommittee is interested in perspectives on transmitted impact force from manufacturers of items outside the realm of protective clothing, such as sports goalkeeper gloves or motorcycle gloves.

CONTACT ASTM Committee F23 Next Meeting: Jan 29-31, 2013, January Committee Week, Jacksonville, Fla. O Technical Contact: Angela Fisher, Wells Lamont Industrial, Palatine, Ill., Phone: 612-940-1316 | ASTM Contact: Ashley Wiand, Phone: 610-832-9551

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