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Warming Homes, Regulating Emissions

At the urging of state regulatory bodies, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expanding its wood burning appliance emissions regulation. A new ASTM International standard will enable manufacturers of masonry heaters and their components to better verify the emissions performance of their products.

The new standard is E2778, Specification for Custom Tiled/Mortared Masonry Heaters (Stoves).

Because masonry stoves are large and often hand built in individual homes, the cost of building a stove that meets EPA regulations can be prohibitive. Consequently, members of the two North American masonry heater trade organizations - the Alliance of Masonry Heater and Oven Professionals, and the Masonry Heater Association of North America - along with the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association, chose ASTM as the venue to establish a new masonry heater standard. Their inspiration was a European standard, EN15544, that mathematically models masonry heaters and verifies their emissions to be within established limits.

The goal was to create a new standard that has its roots in the Austrian method, but allows modification for North American use.

The resulting standard defines a class of masonry heaters and mathematically predicts their emissions performance, allowing verification without costly laboratory testing. Seaton suggests this could reduce the ultimate cost of masonry heaters to consumers.

E2778 was developed by Subcommittee E06.54 on Solid Fuel Burning Appliances, part of ASTM International Committee E06 on Performance of Buildings. All interested parties are invited to join the subcommittee in its standards developing activities.

The task group responsible for E2778 also maintains related standards E1602, Guide for Construction of Solid Fuel Burning Masonry Heaters; and E2817, Test Method for Test Fueling Masonry Heaters.

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