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ASTM Project Grants

ASTM International is now offering a limited number of $500 grants to university students to help with student design projects that contain an ASTM International standards component. ASTM International will post the results as a student standards application paper on the ASTM website. Deadline for project grant application is Oct. 31.

Recognizing that the students at some universities may need financial assistance in completing their graduate or senior capstone design projects and that the overall demonstration of the existence and understanding of industry standards and applicability to engineering is required, students that meet the following requirements may apply. Students beginning a design or development project will submit an abstract summary describing the project, which will include:

  • Summarizing the project goal;
  • Listing the ASTM standards that are being considered to achieve the project goal;
  • Including a declaration of intention to submit an application paper for publication by ASTM International upon completion of the project; and,
  • A statement of endorsement from a faculty mentor.

  More information on project grants can be found at the ASTM website.

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